Just took part as guest speaker at the 457th anniversary of the Battle Of Okehazama event on the old battlefield itself.


In 1560, local warlord Oda Nobunaga with just 2,500 samurai defended his lands from an encroaching army of 25,000+ enemy Imagawa troops. (some estimates put the enemy numbers at 40,000!) On June 11, the Imagawa captured two important Oda held fortresses, establishing a firmer base with which to conquer Nobunaga’s territories. The following day, June 12, Nobunaga’s small but determined forces attacked the main headquarters of the Imagawa forces, killing their leader, Imagawa Yoshimoto. With most of the Imagawa generals also killed in this short, swift attack, the main Imagawa body was lost. This battle greatly enhanced Nobunaga’s reputation, and set him on the road to national domination.


Todays topic centered on Nobunaga, the man, as well as how he managed to topple such a huge enemy force. Great to see such a huge turnout, and to launch the new tourist route, Nobunaga’s Victory Road, following Nobunaga’s path from his castle at Kiyosu, 6km north west of Nagoya Castle, to Atsuta Shrine, where he paid his respects, before attacking the Imagawa at Okehazama in the southern suburbs of Nagoya City.


Battle of Okehazama – Nobunaga’s Victory Road-
Nobunaga's Victory Road

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