Enku: The Enigma of a Wandering Sculptor Monk – NHK WORLD PRIME

The NHK documentary on the life of the wandering sculptor monk, Enku, narrated by yours’ truly is now availablke On Demand, On Line….Enjoy. Incidentally, the largest collection of Enku sculptures is in Nagoya’s Arako Kanon Temple, discovered only relatively recently in 1972 inside Nagoya’s oldest remaining structure, the Tahoto pagoda.
Enku: The Enigma of a Wandering Sculptor Monk – NHK WORLD PRIME | NHK WORLD-JAPAN On Demand

Hikone Castle App Press Release

Was at National Treasure designated Hikone Castle in Shiga Prefecture today for the press release of the ” National Treasure Hikone Castle Explorer” App, produced by my company, PPF (Past Present Future Ltd.) and the OTB, (Omi Tourism Board) as part of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs’, Cultural Properties, Multilingual Commentary Maintenance Project.

With Ms. Kojima of the Omi Tourism Board at the press release of the National Treasure Hikone Castle Explorer App.

The main features of this entertaining and informative National Treasure Hikone Castle Explorer Apps are;


• Video Presentation. In the app’s video section, I guide visitors through the castle’s many ingenious defensive features and reveal the secrets of Hikone Castle, it’s highlights and key points mostly often missed by tourists, and with the use of CG, show you how the castle looked in the days of the samurai. There are 10 video presentations in the App, and these can be enjoyed as a virtual tour of Hikone Castle at home, or watch it as you visit the castle site itself.


• Siege Game. The App contains a game where you can test your skills attacking Hikone Castle at 4 different points. As you progress, the play experience difficulty level increases. The CG used in the game is a must-see! The game can only be enjoyed within the grounds of Hikone Castle to make it an even more realistic experience.


• Map Screen. Navigate your way around Hikone Castle and read explanations of Hikone’s features and history. You can also follow Hikone Castle Museum information from the map screen.


• Samurai Helmet AR Photo. Take photos of yourself, friends and family wearing the AR samurai helmet of Hikone Castle’s first feudal lord, Ii Naomasa.


• The App is available in four languages: English, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Tablets with pre installed apps can be rented at Hikone Castle.

This app is mainly targeted at European, US and Australian tourists, so instead of simply translating from Japanese to English as is usually done, we started by creating it in English first to meet the needs and understanding of the target tourists, and later translated my written scripts into Japanese and both simplified & traditional Chinese.

As you walk around Hikone Castle you can discover, and better understand the highlights of Hikone Castle, the ingenuity of defenses, its key points and splendor.

This “National Treasure Hikone Castle Explorer” App is available for anyone anywhere to enjoy. Naturally, some features, such as the Siege Game can only be enjoyed at the castle site itself, but the rest can be downloaded via App Store or Google Play and enjoyed as a virtual tour of Hikone Castle at home.

App supervision
Past Present Future Co., Ltd.
Chris Glenn


令和2年度「文化庁文化財多言語解説整備事業」で制作したアプリ「体感 国宝彦根城」のプレスリリースしてきました。


このアプリは「一般社団法人 近江ツーリズムボード」さんと僕の会社「パスト・プレゼント・フューチャー」による共同制作。今回は、欧米豪の「外国人観光客」をメインターゲットとしたアプリなので、日本語から英語に「翻訳」するのではなく「外国人」の知識量やニーズをしっかり考えた上で、「英語」をベースに制作したものを日本語、中国語(簡体字・繁体字)に置き換えていくスタイルで制作しました。←これ、インバウンドがターゲットの場合には、かなり重要なポイント!

もちろん、この「体感 国宝彦根城」は、日本のみなさんにもシッカリ楽しんでもらえる内容に仕上がっているので、ぜひダウンロードしてみてください。このアプリを使って城内を歩けば、彦根城のみどころ、防御の工夫、魅力や素晴らしさを体感してもらえるはず!!

App Store  「体感 国宝彦根城」


「体感 国宝彦根城」-主な機能-

  • 彦根城の見どころや防御の秘密や工夫を解説動画(10本)で楽しく、学べます。アプリダウンロード後は、どこでも見ることは可能なので、現地を歩きながら、また予習、復習にも活用できます。

  • 城内4地点では「攻城ゲーム」を楽しめます。ぜひ現地で、彦根城攻城の難しさを体感してください。(CGも必見!)*現地でのみ使用可

  • マップ画面から彦根城・彦根城博物館の解説文を読むことができます。

  • ARで、初代彦根藩主・井伊直政公の兜をかぶることができます。

  • 日本語、英語、中文簡体字、中文繁体字の四言語に対応しています。

クリス グレン