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Chris Glenn is a radio DJ, TV presenter, producer, narrator, MC, copywriter and columnist, helicopter pilot and Japanese historian. He was born in Adelaide, South Australia in February 1968.

In 1985, Chris was selected as a Rotary Exchange Student, spending a year in Sapporo, north Japan. On his return to Australia, he attended the South Australian School of Broadcasting, commencing his radio career with 5MU, before being headhunted to capital city Adelaide stations 5DN, 102FM, and X-FM. Returning to Japan in 1992, he was employed by Tokyo station KTYO, and from its inception in 1993, Nagoya radio stations ZIP-FM and 79.5FM Radio-i. He currently hosts one of the top three rated radio shows in Central Japan on ZIP-FM.

Apart from his regular radio work, Chris Glenn often appears on Japanese TV, in commercials and as a presenter for various programs. He is regularly called on as a presentation and motivational speaker, and as a consultant for international PR and marketing projects.

From April 1994 he was apprenticed to Master Ogawa Nobuo, one of just ten remaining samurai armor craftsmen remaining in Japan, learning samurai armor history and crafting. Chris holds Shodan (blackbelt) in the sword discipline of Kendo, is ranked Nidan, (2nd blackbelt) in Chanbara sword-fighting, and is a student of the traditional Shinpukan Dojo, studying Enmei Ryu and Owari Yagyu Shinkage Ryu styles of swordsmanship.
Chris is the author of English language book, “The Battle of Sekigahara“, the Greatest Samurai Battle in History(Booklocker, 2014).

The Japanese language book on samurai castles, “豪州人歴史愛好家、名城行く” (Published 2015, Takarajima-Sha, Tokyo ) and the Shogakukan Publishing produced semi-academic work, Samurai Castle Bilingual Guide, written in collaboration with castle expert, Professor Masayuki Miura of Hiroshima University.

He writes a weekly column in Japanese for the worlds’ most circulated newspaper, the Yomiuri Newspaper, columns on samurai history and culture for Japanese history magazine, Rekishijin, and regular articles on samurai castles for the Chunichi Newspaper. Chris contributes articles on Japanese history for a variety of other magazines, web sites and periodicals. He is the founder and editor of bilingual web magazine, Japan World, dedicated to promoting and preserving Japans’ long history, deep culture, traditions, arts and crafts.

In 2005 Chris flew a light helicopter over 12,000km from Melbourne, Australia to Nagoya Japan in the self-produced Friendship Flight 2005 project. In 2006 he produced the Samurai Festival, bringing a samurai team to Australia where the first ever proper performance of the Shutsujin-shiki, (the samurai pre-war ceremony) seen outside of Japan was shown. Similar events were staged in Los Angeles in 2009, and again in Sydney and Melbourne Australia in 2010, and became the basis for the annual Japan Expo in France. In March 2011, his piloting skills were again put to the test when he volunteered as a pilot with the HCJ (Helicopter Collective Japan) supporting relief work and bringing supplies direct to the survivors in the aftermath of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.

Other positions held include:
・Member of the Japan Armor and Weapons Research and Preservation Society.
・Director of the Tokai (Central Japan) branch of the Japan Armor and Weapons
Research and Preservation Society.
・Director of the Tokai Armored Samurai Warrior Team.
・Director of the Nagoya Shinsengumi Dousoukai Preservation Society.
・“Captain” of the Aichi Prefecture Warring States Samurai Team.
・Member of the Japan Castle Research Federation
・Sword instructor to the Okazaki Castle Warrior Performance Team.
・Media Director for the NPO, Helicopter Collective of Japan. (HCJ)
・Director of the Aichi Guide Network
・Sekigahara Tourism Ambassador
・Nagoya City History, Culture and Exchange Special Ambassador
・Kuwana City Mayor’s Marketing and Branding Council member
・Nagoya City Mayor’s Battle of Okehazama Preservation and Promotions Committee, member and advisor.

Further details can be obtained from Chris Glenn’s management office, PPF (Past Present Future Ltd.)

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